The Oracle Glass

The Oracle Glass - Judith Merkle Riley I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, it was easy and quick to read for me, but it does develop slowly. Most of the story is based on relationships and growing up. A young girl must find her place in a society that's filled with conspiracies. The book definitely has a postmodern feel in the sense that the society is depicted as fallen and immoral. The main character, Genevieve relies a lot on philosophy and reason.

While reading this, I seriously began to doubt society...Even though the story is set in the past, I feel like a lot of it is still true in modern times. I needed some happy feelings after reading this because the book sucked them all out of me.

There's not a definite ending to this story, and I don't think this book is suited to everyone. I think I'd only recommend it to heavy readers who like to think and who don't mind not having happy feelings everywhere. The ability to handle sadness and backstabbing is highly recommended.

Also, a side note: sometimes it's very hard to follow pronouns and what's going on the in the story, so I advise you to read carefully.