The Fire Eternal (Red Apple)

The Fire Eternal (Red Apple) - Chris D'Lacey I really loved the polar bear part of the story. All the mysticism behind it kept me into it. However, although most of the series is written from different perspectives, this time the multiple perspectives didn't really come together well until the end. Sometimes it was a bit frustrating to figure out where the setting was, whether it was at the Pennykettles' house, in the Artic, in Zanna's shop, and so on. I was highly disappointed at first with the way Zanna reacted to that reporter guy. In fact, I didn't like the reporter guy at all until the end. Reading about Lucy was very annoying. I understand that teenagers are known for being difficult, but I felt like the author completely made Lucy a stereotypical character when he added in all the teenage drama. That's the number one thing I disliked about the book. Overall, I think the relationships between the characters and a few of the characters could some work, but the mysticism of the book is interesting.