Pirate Latitudes - Michael Crichton I definitely liked the concept of the book. The writing is fast pace with a plot that never seems to take a breather. The actual style of writing is very nice since the word usage aligns with the time period and genre, but the stereotypical characters are extremely annoying. This book is a feminist nightmare. It explores the idea of "manhood" through violence and sexual attraction from women.The depiction of women kills the story for me. Almost all of the women in the book are shown as sexual objects, in which they lick their lips to show sexual interest in men. They're kidnapped and raped. All of them bare their bodies in some way or fashion. Even women who work with the men sexualize themselves. /begin sarcasm/ Of course, the main character gets more than one woman interested in him. He's a man after all. /end sarcasm/ It's books like this one that add to the perpetuation of rape culture. Not all women should be shown as whores or as an object to rape. Even Lauze, a woman who helps save the boat, sexualizes herself for men. It's utterly annoying and disgusting. Women have more power and skills than just sexualizing themselves for men.