Fallen - Lauren Kate Daniel. Daniel. Oh, Daniel. Ooooooh, Daniel!Basically:Good: The story has action.Bad: The action all rushes forward at the end.This story has a lot of potential, but let's start at the beginning. It has a very lovely cover with not too descriptive praise at the top of the book. Let me tell you, nothing is sexy or scary about this story. A good number of the characters in this book are just portraits and not players, especially Luce. She just seems to go with the flow, except towards the end. I think that's supposed to show her character change, but it just doesn't work too well. She's still desperately only fighting for one thing because she's in love. That's not character. That's desperation, which, in case authors haven't noticed, doesn't look too good on anyone. If Luce and Daniel had died, I think this story would have been very fulfilling for me. A lot of the description wasn't really exciting description. She felt so-and-so. They did this and that. His face was golden, and his neck was long. Daniel was a giraffe. Someone simply told me a story, but they didn't make me feel it and or even see it. Description is nice, but stop telling me and start showing me. A lot of the time I sat there thinking, "What the hell am I reading?" It got to the point where I started skipping pages and didn't miss any of the story. It seems like a lot of the scenes have nothing to do with the plot. The actual plot is all smushed up together at the end. I wanted to know more about the back stories of Gabbe, Arriane, and Cam, especially. Personally, I would've chosen him over Daniel. Daniel be damned with his glorious self. Give me the prankster who doesn't shoot a crush the bird. I really don't care if he's supposed to be the "evil" one either. He's more likeable than Daniel who just happens to be showing up at the right times like a stalker. However, I don't understand Cam's preoccupation with Luce. She's not good enough for him. The scene where Luce tells Daniel about how smart she is made me laugh. I really wanted to pat her head, and say, "It's ok. You don't have to prove yourself. We already know the truth about your *cough* intellectual abilities." Luce isn't smart at all, especially considering she walks herself into Cam's arms, expecting to tell him off. Oh, really? Oh, one kiss will really make an admirer go away. Yeah. Sure. One kiss. I don't understand the point of that scene either.The fight between the two sides, if it was even a fight, made no sense to me. What's the point? In fact, what's the point of their loving relationship? To make the book feel more complete, it would've been nice to have a better explanation of what was going on. Oh, Luce just needs to awaken to everything, and I should read the next book...How about no. Just tell me what I need to know so the first story can make sense. Why should I read a second story when I didn't care for the first one?