Damascus Countdown (Twelfth Imam)

Damascus Countdown - Joel C. Rosenberg This book was a political and religious nightmare. The author clearly favored Christianity and Judaism over Islam. I think it provides a really skewed negative view of Islam, which is really unfortunate and disrespectful. I am a Christian, but from the way the author worded everything about God and Jesus, I want to become an atheist. Every time a character went on a "Jesus is my savior" rant, I wanted to close the book and run away.Good things: The book picks up speed towards the end and becomes a whirlwind of action. My favorite part is the end with all the racing and fighting. The ending is kind of anti-climatic with the whole idea that bad guys will be punished by God thing happening. I didn't read the other two books in the series, but I still understood everything going on in this one. I have no intention on backtracking because the story is complete in itself and I don't think I missed anything.