Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister, Book 1)

Stuck in the Middle - Virginia Smith Ok, ok. So I really thought I wouldn't like this book since it mentions spirituality and Christianity. To be honest...I think the parts with God are the weakest scenes, but the book is still good in my opinion.It's funny for one thing. The opening was a huge catch. Starting off with something as hilarious as underwear is a major A+ in my book. The sisters' interactions are also pretty hilarious. I like how all three of them each of have different characteristics. Although Tori doesn't play a huge role in the story, she still has a developed personality. Ken bores me a little although towards the end of the story he grew on me. Maybe this is just me, but Ken's and Joan's relationship doesn't seem to be based on much besides looks and spirituality, which is kinda depressing. However, they do spend a good amount of time in each other's company. Eric's personality...I don't know if he really has one besides the stereotypical good husband.Joan's development is fun for me to watch. She changes from complaining about her problems to stepping up to fix them when she reaches out to God. She could use some more developing, but I like how the book ends and leaves the rest of Joan's development to the reader's imagination.My favorite section is when Joan and Tori compete against each other. Nothing is more hilarious than watching them fail. In fact, I literally facepalmed myself when I read this part. The author did a great job writing that scene *thumbs up.* She also brings up a great point that not all men want women who look fantastic. The author tackles a lot of huge issues in the book. It's one of the reasons why I like it. She starts with mother-daughter relationships, general family relationships, romantic ones, friendships, spirituality, and also internal issues. She also puts emphasis on facing the truth, whether it be the reality instead of perspective or God's truth. There's a lot that goes on, but I think the author combines the elements well. The scenes with God are very...stereotypical I guess. It's what I'd expect to happen after all that priests have told and what I've seen happen in other Christian fiction. Sometimes those scenes become boring. My thoughts erred along the lines of, "Ok, she made a connection with what?" I guess I'm just not a good person when it comes to spiritual experiences. Despite the spiritual experiences not working for me, they're important because they advance Joan's development.It's a good light read for people who are seriously Christian. It's not a great fantastic best masterpiece ever, but it's entertaining. However, if you're looking for something serious, I'd suggest you go read a classic piece like Macbeth instead.As a side note: In the acknowledgments, the author mentions numerous editors. If she had a good number of them, why did her story still lack commas? Commas do go before the word "too."